An Introduction to Essential Oil Therapy

for the Clinical Setting

 This series of 50-minute PowerPoint presentations provides a thorough overview of the following topics that will help practitioners begin to understand how to appropriately and safely incorporate essential oil therapy into the clinical setting


  1. Introduction – Big picture, history, Materia Medica
  2. Safety – Case studies. correct language, scope of practice, routes of application, dilutions
  3. Chemistry – The logic behind the magic and mystery, functional groups, properties
  4. CLEAN – Oils that are anti-infective and provide immune system support
  5. CALM – Oils that calming and relaxing to be used with pain, nausea and vomiting, and inflammation
  6. DRY – Oils that address secretions and fluid mobilization

Hands-on activities may include a hand massage, therapeutic blending, making a personal inhaler or lotion

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Doctors, nurses, therapists who wish to explore essential oil therapy for clinical settings including hospice and palliative care, cancer care, pain relief, and geriatrics

This course is only an introduction.  To become a proficient practitioner, further study is recommended and required.